In Memoriam of Sept. 11

Posted on 09/11/2022

Hello Neighbors, 

It will be 21 years since the terrorist attacks that led to the fall of the Twin Towers in New York City, the destruction of the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. A day that has been etched onto the fabric of our lives and for generations to come. As we commemorate each passing year with solemness, the painful memory of that terrible day will forever haunt us with the loss of thousands of American souls.

On the anniversary of this tragic event approaching Sunday, we reflect on the memories 9/11 brings and hold on to the fact that countless heroes were made that day, ones that had the courage to run into danger on a mission to save lives, many of them paying the ultimate sacrifice so that others can live on to tell their stories. 

The lessons we have learned and continue to learn unites us together so we have the courage, strength and power to fight whatever trials or challenges come our way.


Curren D. Price, Jr.