Posted on 07/01/2022
City of Los Angeles Seal Green Background

The City Council approved an Economic Development and Jobs Committee’s report to create a local version of New York’s “Freelance Isn't Free Act,” which enhances protections for freelance workers. The initiative will require written contracts that contain an outline of the scope of work, rate, method of payment and a payment due date. In the absence of a written contract, the Act requires payment within 30 days.

In Los Angeles, freelance work is the backbone of the local economy, driving such areas as tech, fashion, media industries, event planning, caregiving, housekeeping and many more. Unfortunately, independent workers are faced with the struggle with nonpayment and delayed payment for work rendered, making this action a much-needed lifeline for added fairness and respect for their crafts.

The City Council has instructed the Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) in conjunction with the Bureau of Contract Administration and the City Attorney, to provide a report back on recommendations for implementing the “Freelance Isn't Free Act” in Los Angeles.